Post-doctoral and clinical
research fellowships

The fellow with the highest mark will additionally receive the prestigious Steriade-Savoy award worth $1,500.

Fellowship applications are eligible only if submitted within five years of obtaining a PhD, unless the career interruption can be justified.

A research laboratory cannot submit the same project for both a salary award and a research grant.

Granting Terms: Award of Postdoctoral Scholarship

  • The total amount of the scholarship is $35,000. This amount will be disbursed in two equal installments, the first at registration for the fall semester and the second at registration for the winter semester.
  • This scholarship can be combined with other scholarships, provided that the total amount of financial aid received does not exceed $65,000 per academic year. If the total amount exceeds $65,000, you will be able to accept only part of this scholarship so that the total amount of your financial aid is $65,000. We aim to encourage your commitment to your studies while facilitating access to various sources of funding.
  • Please note that awards of excellence and merit scholarships are excluded from this cumulative ceiling. They can therefore be received in addition to the $65,000 allowed.

Application guidelines

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